A Unique Opportunity

Old San Juan is the primary place where tourists come to enjoy and experience Puerto Rico. It presents them with local history, excellent culinary experiences, nightlife and shopping opportunities all in the same place. Tourism is an important component of Puerto Rico’s economy representing approximately 7% of total gross domestic product. The sector has seen modest growth for more than a decade and shows signs of improvement and continued growth throughout 2025 according to the World Travel & Tourism Council.

According to the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, cruise related passenger traffic has increased 35% since 2012. Overall cruise trip count is up 26% over the course of four years reaching 517 trips during 2015. Cruise tourist traffic generates millions of dollars for Old San Juan’s economy as tourists flock to stores and restaurants. Last year approximately 1.4M tourists visited Puerto Rico as part of their cruise vacation.

Puerto Rico has seen an increase in air passenger traffic through its main airport, Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. During 2015, approximately 8.7M passengers landed and departed from SJU. Air passenger volume is up 9% since 2011. Based on data provided by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, air passenger volume is projected to reach 9.4M passengers.

Hotels have seen good growth as well. Based on data provided by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, hotel bookings in the metropolitan area have increased 15% in the last four years. During this same time frame metropolitan hotel room supply has only increased 7%. Average daily rate has exhibit 11% growth since 2012, currently averaging $144USD.

The Marketplace

Our goal is to create a unique experience. With this in mind we are setting out to build a new concept which is very distictive for Old San Juan. The first floor will be converted into a marketplace were different independent vendors will be offering unique items. Some examples of these items are: local beers, small plates, coffee, spices, jewelry, among others. This model is a modern idea and we are taking from different examples which have proved to be very successful. Some examples are Mercado San Miguel (Madrid, Spain), North Market (Columbus, Ohio) and Grand Central Market (Los Angeles, California). The idea is to create a destination where not only the hotel guest can go but also targeting the local residents of the island.

Modern & sophisticated
design in a historic setting

Relax in our modern and sophisticated mid-century design rooms and suites surrounded by the offerings of Old San Juan. The rooms and suites at The VSJ Hotel are exquisitely appointed with unique amenities and services that will make your stay, a very pleasant one.

Experience The Garden

Our offering in the fourth floor will be a unique concept. Currently there are a limited number of rooftop lounges in Old San Juan. Our design attempts to create an experience like no other in the area. The roof will be converted into a garden. All walls will be covered with ivy plants. Sitting areas will be marked by lines of small tree bushes. We will incorporate palms and a limited number of flowers. Almost all rooftops currently in Old San Juan are the same. None of them have a distinct concept which makes The Garden worthy of attention to tourist and local customers.

The VSJ Hotel is Currently under development

We believe that the value proposition is unlike any other in Old San Juan.
Why do we hold a competitive advantage? Here is why:

  • Diversified Revenue Model

    Positive year over year growth rates in domestic and international tourism makes investing in Puerto Rico's hospitality industry one of most reliable ways to ensure a high return potential. Our revenue model is unique as it composed of four independent revenue streams as we seek to manage our risk responsibly and provide double digit return to our investors.

  • Attention to Service

    The VSJ Hotel Staff's personalized approach will guarantee the guest an unforgettable experience. Our concierge services will assist with tour suggestions and reservations, restaurant reservations and activity ideas. You can rely on our staff’s preparedness to attend to every need and ensure the most pleasant and unique stay.

  • Technology

    We know guest and what a great experience entitles. We offer a variety of electronic amenities (i.e. AppleTV) and communication channels (i.e. text message requests) that makes the guest feel at ease while enjoying the comfort of the room mid-century design.

  • The VSJ Team

    Our team has over 40 years of experience in product monetization, hotel management, software engineering, and analytics which is a key distinction separating effectiveness of execution from coincidence and plain luck.

  • A-la-Carte Services

    The VSJ Hotel will offer on demand services such as a complimentary continental breakfast, food delivery from the gastronomical nuggets in Old San Juan, in-room spa services, tour excursions, among others.

  • Design

    Our unique design is inspired by the "Mid- Century" architecture principles providing a link between the historical element of space and minimalism that is in harmony with it.

Seeking to invest in
The VSJ Hotel?

For more information about the project email us at info@thevsjhotel.com. We are currently seeking investors for our Series A round of funding. Interested in investing? Visit our Investor Relations page!