Investor Relations

Team VSJ is currently seeking for an equity partner for our Series A Round of funding!

Capital, Financing & Equity

Taking advantage of historically low interest rates, PG Capital will be financing a portion of the project cost through the United States Small Business Administration (SBA). The goal of the SBA is to generate employment and promote economic activity through entrepreneurship. Based on expertise from the Marketing Small Business Finance Corp, a certified development company, financing will be done in the form of a CDC/504 Loan. This loan program provides financing of major assets such as equipment and/or real estate.

Investment Risk

As with any investment, there are certain risks any investor accepts. Some of these risks are: price competition, over-supply of rooms, weak demand, health concerns (e.g. Zika), geo-political events, macroeconomic trends, local economy issues, natural disasters (e.g. flooding, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado), crime, terrorist attacks, technology and/or communications disruption & injury to a guest or visitor.

Some of these risks will be covered by our insurance policies provided by Marsh Saldaña. Our policies include: commercial property (building, business personal property, business income, equipment breakdown, flood), commercial liability (general aggregate, products, personal injury, advertising injury, fire damage, medical expenses, employer’s liability stop gap, liquor’s liability, employment practices liability, cyber liability), crime (employee theft, forgery & alterations, money & securities, robbery & safe burglary, guest property liability, guest property safe deposit box), inland marine (property floater, electronic data processing, signs) and commercial umbrella.

More Information

If you want to talk in depth about the process and business development of this project please contact us at We will be more than willing to talk you through the project!