The Garden

Old San Juan's Ultimate Rooftop Lounge Experience

The Garden Rooftop Lounge Concept

The Garden CocktailsOur offering in the fourth floor will be a unique concept. Currently there are a limited number of rooftop lounges in Old San Juan. Our design attempts to create an experience like no other in the area. The roof will be converted into a garden. All walls will be covered with ivy plants. Sitting areas will be marked by lines of small tree bushes. We will incorporate palms and a limited number of flowers. Almost all rooftops currently in Old San Juan are the same. None of them have a distinct concept which makes The Garden worthy of attention to tourist and local customers.

Luis Pagan BartenderThe Garden will offer a carefully curated cocktail menu designed by professional bartender Luis Pagán. The cocktail menu will be composed of ten carefully crafted cocktails incorporating local flavors, fresh, organic and high quality ingredients.

Architectural Renderings