The Marketplace

Old San Juan's Favorite Market

The Marketplace Concept

The VSJ Hotel presents an innovative concept in its first level. It provides access to a guest experience plunged with the artistic, culinary and design culture of Old San Juan and Puerto Rico. The space also seeks to boost economic activity, providing a place for artisans, designers, chefs, and local entrepreneurs to present and sell their products to visitors attracting new and constant audiences. This model gives our hotel visibility among the marketplace visitors providing free brand awareness which is key in the hospitality industry.

Respecting the traditional architecture of the structure, we will create a merchant market to promote and sell products, ranging from flowers, fruits and vegetables, publishing and reading materials, food, crafts, local products, coffee, among many other alternatives. The commercial spaces will be located so as to provide fluidity in space so that visitors have easy access to all posts. The design provides an open space and a lighting system that allows visibility, thus creating a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

Because of the location of the building, the only source of a large-scale natural light comes from the fa├žade San Francisco Street. Using a translucent material that inputs light, together with the lighting system, we will provide an environment comfortable, pleasant and memorable akin to the Old San Juan experience.

Architectural Renderings